January 17, 2021


Welcome of Guests

Call to Worship

Hymn - Glorify Thy Name

Hymn - Abide With Me

Testimonies of Praise

Scripture Reading

Exodus 3

Hymn - Wonderful Words of Life

Hymn - There Shall Be Showers of Blessing

Worship Through Giving

Prayer Requests

Pastoral Prayer


Hebrews 4:11 - 13

The Living Word...

Hymn of Commitment - I Am Resolved



9:30am        Bible Study - all ages

10:30am       Morning Worship


6:30pm         Mid-Week Bible Study - Youth Center


6:00am      Iron Men Bible Study -  Downstairs


9:30am         Bible Study - All Ages

10:30am       Morning Worship

12:30pm       Fellowship Dinner & Business Meeting








***  Saturdays we have resumed meeting for Iron Men at the Church, downstairs.  This will begin at 6am.  We will be having breakfast together begining at 6:00am for anyone who wishes to eat and fellowship together.  Bible Study will begin at 7:00am.  We will also be broadcasting the Bible Study via the internet, as well as a conference call number for those who wish to join via telephone.  Contact Pastor Eugene for details.


Choir Practice has begun.  Tuesday evenings at 6:30 in Wamego at Trinity Baptist Church.  All are welcome who wish to sing the praises of the Lord!


We have resumed Mid-week Bible Studies. Please join us downstairs at the Youth Center at 6:30 on Wednesday.
We have resumed Bible Study prior to Worship.  Please join us at 9:30 for a time of interactive Bible Study!


Next Sunday we will have our regular scheduled fellowship dinner and followed by a business meeting.  All are welcome to attend.
The city of Onaga has imposed a mask mandate.  All attendees are encouraged to obey the governing authorities according to scripture unless they have an underlying health concern.


     Thank you for your patience as we seek to comply with government regulations and due concern for the health and well being of our members while still trusting our Sovereign God and obeying His helpful mandate to gather together.
     If you feel ill or just feel it best remain at home, please listen to the sermon at home.  They will be posted Sunday afternoons.  We will continue to gather for worship as long as it remains prudent to do so. 


Fear drives out faith when we focus on our circumstance rather than our God.  But Love conquers all fear.  No matter what the circumstance,

God is still on His throne!


The church now has a Facebook page.  We will try to keep announcements posted here as well.    The church page address once you are on Facebook

Fellowship Baptist Church@fbconaga.org.

We are doing this for all who are not able to attend for whatever reason.  We do, however, encourage the members to attend in person if it is possible for them to do so!  All are welcome as we worship our Sovereign God!


Remember that the Sunday sermons are now being posted on Sermon Audio.  The web address is:


This includes the daily devotional that Pastor Eugene writes and sends via text.  These are stored on the blog portion of the feed.